Finally a peep.

Posted on August 12, 2019


IMG_0252Well, I’ve been mighty busy with my new home/garden/studio/pet.

Starting with my pet. Or, where shall I begin? I was very fortunate to be able to adopt from a friend her daughter’s cat!

Her daughter was attending school and the dorms did not allow pets. Her mom, valiantly took on the care of her cats until she was able to relocate.

While visiting my friend, I fell in love with this peculiar cat…she was large, with Siamese colouring and icy blue eyes but with crisp white paws, chest and a funny inverted white triangle on her face, giving her the appearance of a “cat burglar” or bandit at least, but the white patch was punctuated with a lovely chocolate brown leather nose!

My friend explained that she was a “ragdoll” breed of cat.  Later I found the information on the Siamese Snowshoe.  The description fit her to a T.

The best thing about this cat is its as though she has a sense of humour.  She loves to play, and I throw her walnuts and other nuts that roll easily on the floor and she chases them much like a clown. (usually at 3am) She does other things too that keep me in stitches.

She has a funny way of “flopping down” as if utterly exhausted, on her side, then stretching luxuriously…(you would have to witness to appreciate!)

The day I was called and told I could take her as my own was like I had been blessed.

She never disappoints.

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