That darn cat!

Posted on September 17, 2017


Pepi 3Ode to Pepi

Pepi was my sister’s cat

Large and beautiful

That was that.

When he died me sister said,

Will you paint him

for my wall?

Me, Of course no trouble at all! 

Until standing,  brush in hand

I then realised my limitations

What should I do?

Where shall I start?

This beautiful cat

will not be art.


Over the years I tried and tried to paint Pepi, and each time seemed more daunting!  I realised that this was to be a huge challenge.  I set Pepi aside and couldn’t even think of painting him, so I squirrelled around painting anything but.  Finally I said to me, “enough is enough”, and just began!  It was difficult, I wanted to quit, but kept up…the results are not what I would hope for, however, it is one that I can revisit, knowing that I can complete a painting,even though his essence remains elusive. I will keep this painting as a reminder of that…THINGS DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!  I can experience good – bad – indifferent and everything between – that’s life.