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the summer garden

August 7, 2017


Pretty pleased with myself…ran into a sale on a bistro – set at Home Depot…so bought it knowing I would have to get the thing out of the car and put together myself…yay me, did it…The chairs swivel!  I even went into the blazing sun and read for a bit in the shade…Sweet! Life is […]

Brenda, Brenda quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

July 30, 2017


Well – coming along nicely this year. Loving the perennials that really lend base “shape” to the garden…but then…those wonderful colour filled annuals that add life and vitality to the scene.  I even made a little “water garden” at my door so that I could listen to the trickle of running water.  Not my own idea, I […]

May 2016 – Garden Update

May 23, 2016


The hosta is now in bud – the fern is 36″high and their fronds and leaves are kissing.  I planted some impatiens in a couple old cracked pots…after the pots completely disintegrate I’ll use them as drainage bits. Planted 2 Ninebark trees in a pot with some companion impatiens. Praying that the slugs don’t eat […]

Where did I bury those bulbs?

October 6, 2015


Well, this crusty little sketch should do the trick.  Evannia gave me a little folder with photos of the plants and their information so I’ll plunk it in there. Next spring, I will hopefully realize some growth (the plants, not me) This week I am off work so have a bit of time to think […]