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what the wind blows in … cue spagetti western music…

September 27, 2015


Yup right you are…looong pine needles and some very heavy pine cones…like mini grenades w/o the kaboom thingy. If you go to pick them (the needles) up they will give you the worst pin pricking!  sharp and nasty…so I’ve become a sweeper (I could take that inside…some of my dust bunnies are looking a bit like […]

meanwhile, in the garden…

September 27, 2015


But what’s this? More rocks n’stones you say?  And soil. And less landscaping fabric. And still, she wants more, more, more! Yeah, addicted to gardening even now in the fall…a bit nippy, but happy to be outside squirrelling away in the garden patch! Today, planning more plants/shrubbies, bulbs etc. with Evannia (garden guru) She has […]


September 27, 2015


Well, it’s a beginning at best.  I haven’t had a moment to paint in weeks…so just jumped in. mixed media and really, really awful, I know!  Haven’t used watercolour in ages, so had to make some fixes with a lump of pastel.

and finally…a conclusion to doodles

September 13, 2015


o.k. I made a promise to myself…today…after doing some house work, ahem.  I will set to my canvas and try to turn out something I can stand looking at…for now, my final doodles for the week. As you can see these are all rushed, where I “steal” a moment here, a moment there to squiggle […]

At it again,

September 13, 2015


Just cannot help doodling which is good as I think it helps keep creativity top of mind…here are a few more pages. I always think a skull is so levelling…except, each time I draw a skull it ends up being a laughing skull…I will have to train myself out of that. The other thing I […]

Plotting to paint…sketches

September 12, 2015


Plotting to paint and trying to keep my hands working. I have a few pages in my sketchbooks…they are littered all about my house.  Usually these sketches mean absolutely nothing and are fairly random, as these examples  Just this and that!

Question: Am I a Deny-asaurus?

September 10, 2015


I am back, thanks to well, middle of the night madness, I guess. Couple of weeks ago, I got a lovely invitation to update my platform to WINDOWS 10….FREE!  (I know!)  of course, wanting nothing more than to be up to the minute, I glibbly (sp) jumped at the opportunity. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO […]