Painting – the struggle continues

July 30, 2017


I found this wonderful photo of my mom and her two sisters on their farm near Edmonton Alberta in the winter. As you can see here, try as I might, I struggled terribly with her face where it seemed natural for me to begin. This first one shows that I couldn’t paint the sad little […]

Lack of Clarity

June 22, 2017


Well as usual daydreaming amongst the clouds this is the first of the oil studies that I will do. Lack of Clarity simply refers to the lack of blue sky patches…as in…walking around in a fog. Also, that I love clouds and want to be able to paint them better and better.  Back to using […]

Passive Pairs

June 14, 2017


And, tadah, here we sit, happy just being fruit, ready to burst, in fact, with summer sun kissed juiciness, content, we are blessed…

Leopard Lips n Lies

June 14, 2017


Well, this is kind of funny…my second painting of 2017 really and it’s already June! Last year, I made a painting called Zebra Mouth and this is a continuation of that “theme” if you will.  As I walk my path, I don’t have a voice, but I continue to observe others that voice their opinions, […]

The mobile “studio”

February 22, 2017


One of the blocks that I have to painting is simply, putting my stuff away after a session of painting. Sooo…I invented a little mobile studio.  Kind of a funny story…I bought this easel that I had lusted after for at least a couple of years. Being frugal (cheap) I opted for the one sans […]

The Valley of Light

May 27, 2016


This was originally one of my cloud studies…that was a giant “fail”  however, now that I added in some layers of hills and the valley(s) as well, it took on a – next step – feel that I can more easily live with. This is definitely a squinter…too bad about the little lump of paint […]

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May 2016 – Garden Update

May 23, 2016


The hosta is now in bud – the fern is 36″high and their fronds and leaves are kissing.  I planted some impatiens in a couple old cracked pots…after the pots completely disintegrate I’ll use them as drainage bits. Planted 2 Ninebark trees in a pot with some companion impatiens. Praying that the slugs don’t eat […]