Final stab at this one…onward ho!

Posted on August 6, 2017


20170802_190105Well this is the final one, sheesh…so funny how each one changes a bit or even a lot!

Not sure what I was trying to prove. Thinking that it’s a lot like the time I tried to make bread for the first time…how many loaves hit the bottom of the waste can with an heavy “thump” like, if I was one of the 3 little pigs I could’ve made a house with those loaves so brick like. The outcome of that was I realized that if it was going sideways it happened long before the oven part!  So tons of raw dough got the very same treatment…thump!

After so many tries, the dough finally felt silky and warm like a babies bum…success!  I don’t even eat bread any more so problem solved.  Painting is another thing though, I will be honing my drawing and painting skills so that I have some capabilities to draw upon…pun.

thanks Mom for the use of your sweet little face – Mom turned 101years this July if she had lived past 96!  She was so glamourous, I hope one day to be able to paint her portrait as an adult. Just need more practice.