Painting – the struggle continues

Posted on July 30, 2017


3 little girls - painting prep

I found this wonderful photo of my mom and her two sisters on their farm near Edmonton Alberta in the winter.

As you can see here, try as I might, I struggled terribly with her face where it seemed natural for me to begin. This first one shows that I couldn’t paint the sad little face as it appeared on the photo…so I tried, “happy and loose” uh oh…some other kid!

Painting #2 I came much closer but again, in trying to improve this further I took another stab in rendition #3.  What was I thinking? I do like the old buttons though. I’m over the part about putting a sad face on display…it’s o.k. to be sad, just be genuine…she does look genuinely filled with inner sadness and that seems beautiful to me now.

I shall muddle on.

Mom 1

Mom rendition 1

Mom 2
Mom rendition 2
Mom 3
Mom rendition 3