The mobile “studio”

Posted on February 22, 2017


One of the blocks that I have to painting is simply, putting my stuff away after a session of painting. Sooo…I invented a little mobile studio.  Kind of a funny story…I bought this easel that I had lusted after for at least a couple of years. Being frugal (cheap) I opted for the one sans wheelies.  Mistake.  Once I had the thing put together it was a bit of a monster for me to drag around the house on a piece of old carpet.

Recently I had my kitchen updated and the countertop fellas left behind a section of countertop.  A weird twist of fate…my easel fits squarely on top of it…so I trotted off to HOME DEPOT and bought 4 nice little swivel wheel assemblies and screwed them neatly to the bottom.  Voila instant mobile station!  I have two little carts also, one holding the paints/brushes etc. and the other is counter height, perfect for mixing paint on and holding the supplies of the day!  Once completed I can simply wheel them to another room so my living space remains a living space.

This leaves me with only one thing yet to do…DIP MY BRUSHES!