Cloud study II

Posted on May 20, 2016


Well this painting was day 2 of my crawling back onto the grovel and scrape of dipping my brushes again.  Looks tormented right?  Well, it reflects my mood precisely!  Brush was way too small and it really ended up “still in the clouds” with no footing per se.  The colours really an atrocity to the eye! Sigh…I persevered however this was May 19, and I knew it had to stand corrections…so the previous entry was the next…I just got them mixed up during the load…forgive please.  the 19th I also did a miserable painting of a cat…oh woe is me, or should that be whoa is me…someone stop me before I commit another “painting”! Big note, I have changed this painting and it is now called The Valley of Light…IMG_2871

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