the greening of the garden

Posted on October 4, 2015


Oct 2 2015-8(1) Oct 2 2015-10

Well, it is a slow process, however…it’s coming along…this is just a little peek until it is finished.  I have bulbs to plant this coming week…tulips and Eidelwiess, and grape hyacinth. Evannia the wonder gardener added bugbane, moved the hostas and added decorative grasses to the corner bed.

She half planted a witch hazel on the other side we are getting a large planter for it.

We are getting the bed in front of the living room window ready to plant up…looking amazing so far, nice and deep so I’ll get lots put in there too.

Most of the hard landscaping is completed now and it is just a matter of the greening…as we head into fall there are a couple of items that are not available at this time. Sorry not much to see but come spring…can’t wait!

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