what the wind blows in … cue spagetti western music…

Posted on September 27, 2015


after the wind

Yup right you are…looong pine needles and some very heavy pine cones…like mini grenades w/o the kaboom thingy.

If you go to pick them (the needles) up they will give you the worst pin pricking!  sharp and nasty…so I’ve become a sweeper (I could take that inside…some of my dust bunnies are looking a bit like dust buffalos : ( they kind of follow me around the house, begging to be swept up) In fact, if you squint your eyes, on the needles in the photo above, does that not look somewhat like a buffalo portrait?  Never mind, I’m an old woman that still sees things in clouds and each piece of popcorn is a wonder.

I just heard someone say “get a life” but really, if you can’t enjoy nature, I mean…sheesh…popcorn is nature, yes. I don’t have too many readers, but those I have “get me”, I’m blessed.

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