meanwhile, in the garden…

Posted on September 27, 2015


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But what’s this? More rocks n’stones you say?  And soil. And less landscaping fabric. And still, she wants more, more, more!

Yeah, addicted to gardening even now in the fall…a bit nippy, but happy to be outside squirrelling away in the garden patch!

Today, planning more plants/shrubbies, bulbs etc. with Evannia (garden guru) She has done the (once thought) undo-able, and that is convince me there is more to gardens than ferns and hostas…and cedar hedges!  All about hedges and keeping people out. : ) Although, the spiders with their webs are doing a terrific job of that!  I love watching people swing their arms in front of their faces after being caught in the giant webs…I know it sounds evil, but it’s funny as heck…those spiders are so industrious…far too maligned in my book(s).

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