Question: Am I a Deny-asaurus?

Posted on September 10, 2015


I am back, thanks to well, middle of the night madness, I guess.

Couple of weeks ago, I got a lovely invitation to update my platform to WINDOWS 10….FREE!  (I know!)  of course, wanting nothing more than to be up to the minute, I glibbly (sp) jumped at the opportunity.


However, one has got to remember all of her passwords…you know, those little fragments of words or numbers or cute symbols strung together so only you (meaning me) can possibly recall, crack, infiltrate.  Yes, those ones.  No, you cannot write them down, “someone” might find them and, and, and…what? break into my WORDPRESS account and steel my pristine identity and blog about hmmm, let’s see my imaginary life?  So where are we left?

Let me tell you…I was blocked from using my account until I proved that I was “me”.

That one tiny fragment, string of symbols that I had erased from my memory…didn’t I order my site to “stay signed on”?

Well that was before.  In the long ago days of WINDOWS 8. Those days are gone forever, and no, there is no phone number, Happiness consultants, chat rooms to connect with where an invisible entity would take your real hand and aid you to type in your forgotten password.  Nope, impossible, not happening.  I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to all the real and groovy people I had got to know just a little, a shy hello, a thanks for dropping by, nothing just blank…all I was left with was the soft hum of my computer as it smugly awaited some kind of input from me.

Then, after tossing and turning all night (now a couple weeks have passed) I got up, sat at my desk, looked at all the post it notes stuck randomly – on every surface – so I don’t forget things – there it was….BLOG – blah, blah, blah, all the details I wrote as I made my blog up a couple months back.

So hi to those that care to look/follow etc!  I’m back and fully cognitive…which isn’t saying much! : ) 



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