Cappuccino – slowly

Posted on August 3, 2015



More palm fronds…another practice piece. It just means I am dipping my brushes.I really like painting portraiture, experimenting with a smidgeon of backlighting.

I am trying to use up old materials as I practice…I pulled out this rather warped piece of 14 x 18″ canvas board…and feel fine using acrylics on it.  My preference is oil all the way, but needed to learn acrylics…it is slow as you can see by my work but think I am winning here and there.

With this one I end my weekend painting foray and all must wait until the next week ends.

Cappuccino – slowly,  came to me as a complete fairy tale…for instance the thought of trading a portrait for Italian lessons seemed the right thing to do…obviously. I can now indeed say, “cappuccino” slowly. The painting as a whole came out a little on the eerie side I think.

14″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas board

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