Panicking away here.

Posted on July 24, 2015


panicking dayPanique

I am about to embark on a painting that I have been thinking about all week.

The painting you see here is one that came of frustration, the last time I tried to paint an idea…I was going too slow.  I painted over it with this look, (me panicked…”oh no, I can’t paint, I forgot all I knew, I have no talent, I forgot to wash my brushes and now they are ruined, (now that’s not true, I care for my materials meticulously, just sayin’)

When a painting fails, the stuff that traipses through your mind is ridiculous.  I am learning to stay calm, step back and paint over, once the disaster is completely dry of course.

I have to completely step away from the creative side and go to the other side of my brain to give the right side a rest!  For me, always trying to say things with meaning (to me) I expect that some people will “get it” and some will just shake their heads with furrowed brow.

The best thing about creating a mess on canvas is that it pushes one to do better! (Here’s hoping) I can always tell when I am in a painting “groove” as it seems I just follow where the brush leads and I paint very fast…it’s when I force myself to paint and think and plot and panic that things go sideways. As you can see in the Panique – oh gosh, hopeless…even my eyes don’t line up. : ) very humbling for me to look at.

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