Weekend Shera

Posted on July 11, 2015


Funny title, I know, but it expresses what my weekends feel like…I think I can do everything on the weekend, that I didn’t have time for during the week.

I am in the middle of appointments, painting, housework and paying bills.  General “catching up”. Only the painting part is truly fun, however, part of being alive these days means everything else as well and since I do intend on staying alive, better embrace it all!

I will post another couple of oldie paintings as I am attempting to track my progress over the years!

The next two will be from around 9 years ago and I remember studying/contemplating water like mad! Will try that again this time round and see if I can capture it a bit more realistically.

Top one is called


The wind on a lovely day, as it starts to kick in before a storm.

oil on canvas

20″ x 16″

click on image to enlarge

gusty bits Deception

This one is


I was trying to capture a smoother surface, but cold and menacing…

oil on canvas

20″ x 16″

click on image to enlarge

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